FONY: Freaks of New York

New York is full of people. Many of them have appeared on HONY, and many of them are crazy! I decided to share some pictures of the freaks that New York harbors. I take the word freak rather lightly, and I don’t mean it in a derogatory way, because I am a weirdo myself. Consider this mostly an homage. Also, while I could use gentler words like weirdos or eccentrics, FONY is just a really fun acronym.

These pictures will exhibit the many types of freaks and weirdos out there. After being a weirdo myself for some time and documenting them as both a denizen of the city and as a reporter for a tiny community newspaper, I’ve come in close range of many types of freaks. There is the kind that go to mustache and beard contests at Coney Island (which highest concentration of freaks in the city), the kind that do merciless things to their bodies, the kind that runs for office. Some freaks just want to live and let live, others want to make you smile and others and some…run for office. Again, this is only mostly an homage.

Let’s take a look at some of the FONYs out there!


The Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge is an annual New Year’s Day tradition. Some people are in coats because it was sub-freezing on this day.



Nothing draws tattoos and beerbellies like the Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge!



Some freak made this during Coney Island’s nicer weather.



Tattoos and big arms during a city council hearing on a tobacco-related advertisement ban. This guy, a Teamster I think, was against the ban.



My friend and I, upstate. We’re weirdos!



This is at a Coney Island beard and mustache competition. I think he’s dancing to heavy metal?



No beer belly or tattoos, but a nice mustache!



Okay so this poor guy was running for mayor. He’s a nice guy! But it takes a different kind of crazy to want public office in New York. But who’s weirder? The weirdo, or the weirdo who follows the weirdo?



Guy on the left.



No caption needed!







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One response to “FONY: Freaks of New York

  1. Chris kilmer

    A delightful romp! The judge-O-meter had a good time too….all in good clean fun of course.

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